Here are the most common questions people ask about the Knee Saver.

Will it save my knees or my kid’s knees?

Long term studies have never been done on the Knee Saver. There is no financial interest for a company to do this type of costly prospective study. See the research section for more studies that have been done. None were sponsored by any company making the Knee Saver. What we do know is that is other occupations where people squat for a living do show them having knee injuries. We also know that many catchers have knee issues as well. This is the reason many great catchers were switched to different positions (ex. Hall of Famer Craig Biggio, Bryce Harper, and others).

Do they make catchers lazy?

Lazy catchers make themselves lazy. All catchers should come off the Knee Saver while in a secondary stance as the pitch is thrown. The Knee Savers should never come into play as they are off them completely. This all comes down to proper coaching.

Can the Knee Savers cause injury?

This has never been shown, to the best of my knowledge, in the 29 years since the patent was granted.

Do Knee Savers slow the catcher down?

The Knee Saver, and its knock-offs, weigh only a few ounces and no players has ever complained of this.

Why Aren’t More Catchers Wearing the Knee Saver Now?

I think this comes down to education. That is what this site is for. Did you know that NO MARKETING was ever done for the Knee Saver? That’s right. There has never been any educational campaign. There has never been any advertisements. No one put any money into getting the Knee Saver popular. It was all word of mouth. Now that the patent has expired there are so many companies making them that no one sees a need to get the information out there anymore. It’s sad but hopefully this site will change that.

Why is the name Knee Saver used for all products even if their own product is called something different?

Here is a little secret I only know about. We made a mistake when we started making them by NOT trademarking the name. It doesn’t matter anyway because the term Knee Saver was so universally used that it became what is called genericized. Therefore it just became a category in upon itself (like all types of ear cleaners are called Q-tips).

Do you have any testimonials for the Knee Saver?

About 30-50% of pro catchers still wear the Knee Saver. I used to collect testimonials from the pubic years ago. Here is that document: